Cargo Service

We are well equipped with an array of machinery and equipment to handle a wide range of cargo. Our teams of highly trained professionals in various fields work around the clock to ensure that cargo entering and exiting our ports is in pristine condition and on time.

Types of Cargo Handled


Containerized Cargo

Containerized cargo is a type of general cargo that is shipped as container load units in a specific container vessel.


Dry Bulk Cargo

From grains to coal and from rice to maize, dry bulk cargoes cover a range of produce and raw materials that have two features in common: they are unpacked and are homogeneous. These two properties make it easier for dry bulk cargoes to be dropped or poured into the hold of a bulk carrier. Dry bulk cargo mostly handled in TPA are Rice, wheat, maize, beans, fertilizer, sugar, cement, sodium nitrate, clinkers, gypsum, copper slugs, coal, iron ore and zinc ores.


Break Bulk Cargo

These are cargoes are carried in unitized form such as palletised, bagged, strapped, bundled, drummed and crated like below and also non unitised general cargo like vehicles. Examples of break bulk cargo that are frequently handled at TPA are iron, steel, metals, motor vehicles & parts, trailers & parts, agri-products, , machinery, copper, railway vehicles, tractor & tractor parts, containers.


Bulk Liquid

Bulk Liquid cargo includes any cargo carried in closed tanks and poured or pumped into the carrying vessel, the cargo includes petroleum products, kerosene, diesel, jet oil, and edible oil.