The Democratic Republic Congo and Zambia’s Kasumbalesa border post is one typical African border.

Dusty, crowded and suffocating. Do not forget the sweltering heat, but not to the level of the humidity found in the coastal town of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

A man in his middle 20s is goading a goat for sale, many others balancing cargo on their heads and backs.

They have to find their way amidst trucks and trailers driving at a snail’s pace as they approach the clearance yard.

From the Zambia side of the Chililabombwe district, located north of the capital Lusaka, the road to the border post is relatively well tarred until a potholed section gives way to a narrow, bumpy and dusty leg leading to the customs.

Poor maintenance has worn out the tarmac but hawkers, money changers, water vendors and women selling food stuffs and the famous Congo Kitenge (coloured African fabric) earn their sustenance here.

Source: The East African